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Award winning Images of the Great Northwest - and beyond...

I was introduced early to nature and the outdoors through walks with my parents in the farms and woodlands of rural Connecticut and the Berkshire Mountains. As I grew older, I continued to spend as much time as possible hiking, hunting, and fishing in an ever widening circle around my home town, and I still find beauty in the outdoors from the musty smells of decomposing leaves and logs to the fragrant and sometimes pungent odors of wildflowers in bloom; from the smooth red bark of a Madrone tree to the spiny Devils Club; and from the hoot of an owl to the raspy voice of the raven to the lyrical song of the meadowlark. I am happiest in the great outdoors, especially here in the great northwest.

While you cannot smell the flowers, or hear the wind soughing through the trees, or small animals scurrying through the leaves, or feel the warm sun on your back as you sit atop a large granite boulder enjoying the view, I hope my images will leave you with a full sensual palette through memories of your own experiences.

Oh yeah, I remember when I.....

Thank you, and I hope you like what you see. I know I did, and still do.

Al Seger

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